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Vincenzo Fogliano » 1.Course Introduction

Background knowledge

The Biochemistry course gives you 9 credits

To attend this course the following basic knowledge is requested

  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • General Biology

Practical activities are a fundamental part of this course.
Contact Prof Monica Gallo ( to obtain the calendar for laboratory sessions.
For other requests contact me by E-mail (

Oral examination of about 30 min (see web site for the exam calendar).

The program

Objective of the course
To give students the basic knowledge of food proteins, carbohydrates and lipid structure and their behaviour during processing storage and human metabolism

The program at a glance

  • Interactions in water solution. Amino acids peptide bond. Protein structure folding and denaturation.
  • Hemoglobin and miyglobin.
  • Carbohydrates: mono and polysaccharides. Dietary fibre.
  • Lipids: structure and function of triglycerides and phospholipids. Cholesterol. Lipid oxidation. Membrane structure
  • Human metabolism including the main metabolic cycles.
  • Structure and biochemical properties of food material: milk, cereal, meat, fish, egg, pulses, coffee cocoa, oil and vegetables.

How to study

These slides only serve as guidelines for your study!
Biochemistry books and scheme are available on the web.
This is a course of bioCHEMISTRY: this means the knowledge of the structures is fundamental to an understanding of the behaviour of molecules of biological interest.
No structures, no comprehension.
Particularly for the metabolic cycles it is necessary to study from a textbook (in any language) and to learn the chemical structure of the intermediates of the main cycles

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